Who is VCA ?

VCA  for Vision Control Application is a pioneer company in the field of machine vision solutions for the industry sector. First VCA product was the CVImager software based on a C library. Uploaded on a PC architecture, or a smart camera, this proprietary software was able to detect low contrast edges and read  printed characters on product or labels at a time where equivalent standard cameras were giving unstable inspection. This solution which was not linked to a specific hardware is still in used on DOS platforms !  Now, VCA continues to delivered machine Vision solution from simple camera to complete machines  with robotic actuators and multiple vision components sources.

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Ir. Philippe Pollart
Ir. Philippe PollartFounder


Philippe Pollart received a master in electro-mechanical engineering from the Free University of Brussels in 1985. Research Engineer at the Research Center of metalworking industry (CRIF), he works on different vision projects from robot guidance to inspection tasks (Cellule Stand-By). In 1990, he moves from research to practice by joining AVS (Automation & Vision Systems). In 1993, he becomes a vision consultant (Computer Vision Consulting) and develops the CVImager Software dedicated to pattern recognition and edge detection in industrial environment. Founder of Vision Control company in 1994, he is the Managing Director and continues to follow all machine vision installations in order to reduce the gap between research and industrial world.

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